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Mondays at Healthy Market Cascais

Mondays will be present at the first edition of HEALTHY MARKET CASCAIS, an event to take place from 24 to 26 of May at FIARTIL to promote healthy living.

An event with several dynamics prepared linked to the areas of sport, food and health. Some examples are
- Train in an outdoor gym.
- Experience combat sports in an open-air boxing ring.
- Learn different dance zone Step Up - Dance.
- Learn various techniques of agriculture in the garden bio.
- Attend several showcookings in order to practice a healthier diet.
- Develop a zen moment in the zone of mindfulness.

The concept was born through the collaboration of two friends: Diogo Valente and Tiago Rebelo. Diogo states that "Healthy lifestyle must be adapted to each of us and not the other way around, only this way can we live it in the long term and this was the basis for the concept of the event". Diogo adapted a style healthy lifestyle in order to overcome a situation of overweight.
In addition to the various dynamics mentioned above there will be 100 brands present in the event, linked to food, clothing and cosmetics.

One of Mondays' main objectives is to simplify people's lives by creating complete and nutritious products to complement eating habits. In this way, the purpose of this event fits very closely with the philosophy of the brand and therefore there was interest since the beginning.
It will create a relaxed space where people could experience the different Mondays Shakes at prices exclusive to the event.
The cost per ticket is 2 € being the same for sale in the ticketline, participating ticket offices or at the entrance of FIARTIL.

Do not miss this opportunity and visit the Mondays stand (number 73) in the HEALTHY MARKET CASCAIS.

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